“I got off the plane and arrived at first Awesomeness Fest dinner because I was speaking the next day, so I wasn’t there at the very beginning. I arrived and everyone was dressed completely in white. It was almost like a scene from a movie. And here I am, dressed in blue because I didn’t get the memo.

But, instantly I got a sense that I was immersing myself into an entire world where people have come together to do something really special.

I think what’s really special about Awesomeness Fest is that people are here to improve themselves. It’s not really about kicking yourself in the ass, like ‘what’s wrong with me? Improve myself’.

I think what’s happening here is that a really unique community has come together to support each other and that the process of recognizing each other and doing things together is the thing that’s really different, and what sets Awesomeness Fest apart.

Also, the parties definitely give people time to socialize.

There is the diversity of speakers ranging from very practical, like hard business skills, to things that are more internal; more about the inner game, more about ‘centeredness’, and understanding possibility. And I think that is a very unusual combination.

A lot of times you will talk to people at other business conferences and you would think, ‘Well, you know it will make sense to go and work with them. It sounds like a good decision in the head’.

I think what’s really interesting here is that you will find a lot of people were you could really connect to them more like, ‘well, they are coming from the right place, from their heart relative to what they are making’.

So, instead of the classic ‘let’s make a business decision because you do this and I do that, and together is chocolate and peanut butter’, this is more like, ‘Oh your heart is kind of like my heart. We want the same things to happened in the world’.

I think people here are those who have professional goals and ambitions.

But also, they are trying to look at business or the possibilities of how one can be conscious in the process of doing business. I think there’s an aspect to be at least a little bit open to that in order to fully get the benefit of what’s here. But I also think, for somebody who only wants the hard skills, there’s still a lot of possibility of connections.”

Tom Chi

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