“My observations of people who are already committed and serious about their business, is they often feel like, if you take a vacation or go for a conference, it’s a waste of time.

And you ask yourself, ‘I’ve got a lot of things I need to do. I have meetings and I have decisions to make. Can I really take 4-5 days off?’

What I would say to that is, instinctively, that is true. You’re probably really busy. But, what I would say, is that not taking a couple of days off to actually invest in yourself, through taking a step back and listening to yourself to see whether you’re steering yourself in the right direction, will cost even more.

I have spoken at Awesomeness Fest twice already. I typically speak about business, right? So, there are a lot of business people coming here to talk more about business. And what I’ve found that a lot of business people benefit from, is that they don’t often get a chance to come to a place and talk about, or at least reflect and discuss their weaknesses.

Here, they reflect on a lot of personal turmoil that they’re going through. And for the most part they come here to work on themselves. Once they help themselves grow more, and once they get better, the business automatically gets better.

So, it’s kind of intuitive. You want to work on your business, so you work on yourself and then you go back and your business grows, right?

At the same time, it’s hard for a lot of business people to think that they have to come here and talk, open up and to potentially say, ‘I’ve got a lot to work do on myself’. I think it’s very important for business people to make the time to actually come and work on themselves.

On a day-to-day basis, because of my career, I get brought in to meet with entrepreneurs who are building things and have very specific challenges.

Coming here to Awesomeness Fest, sometime I meet people who are not the usual type of entrepreneurs. I meet with entrepreneurs who are building restaurants businesses, or even coaching businesses. I just talked to this great guy who has a chain of fitness centers.

All of those things are not like building an app, or a tech business, and it’s very refreshing. It’s very refreshing to meet people who are just building things.

At the end of the day, technology related or not technology related, we are all building dreams. It’s great to connect with this part of the world.

The thing about Awesomeness Fest is that a lot of people here in the crowd are also speakers, a lot of them are also authors of books. At every Awesomeness Fest you meet a very high quality bunch of people.

So, if you are a speaker, I would challenge you to ask yourself, ‘what can I give?’

Maybe for a lot of speakers, they’re brought in on a situation where people are in a time of need. But at Awesomeness Fest, people are kind of already rocking it in their lives. You’re just trying to take them to a higher level.

Bring it on!”

-Khailee Ng

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