The world is suffering — but how can you help to remedy it?


In this talk from A-Fest Greece in Mykonos, meditation expert and Founder of Ziva Meditation Emily Fletcher discusses what she calls “the 3 big scaries” affecting the world today — climate change, terrorism, and “fake” food.

She proposes an immediate and graceful step forward for all of us… and how each individual on earth can take responsibility to overcome these, work together, and achieve true happiness.


Emily will once again take the A-Fest stage in Mexico Thursday, 3 November – Sunday, 6 November, 2016. 

The theme for this A-Fest is “Live Your Quest,” which is designed to help you discover and action the incredible, individual missions we’ve each been gifted, and learn the most effective ways to create and live your passion and purpose.

In addition to Emily, we’ll be bringing to the stage; Founder and CEO of Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani, Star of The Secret, Author and Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center Michael Beckwith, Transformational Leader, World Humanitarian and Co-author of the NY Times best-seller The Passion Test Janet Bray Attwood, Founder at Prototype Thinking LLC and Creator of the first Google Glass prototype Tom Chi, Former NFL Player, Speaker, Author and Actor Bo Eason, CEO of Motivating the Masses and Star of The Secret Lisa Nichols, Co-founder and President of Quest Nutrition Tom Bilyeu, and more.

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