When we are not off scouring the planet for amazing locations to hold Afest, we’re doing some pretty long hours, working hard to make each Awesomeness Fest event that we host truly EPIC. So as you can imagine, sometimes we just need a break.

We’ve just got back from a 5-day detox at Phuket Cleanse, Thailand’s leading Detox and Fitness Retreat. And it was seriously AMAZING.

We went for a bit of healthy team bonding and a bit of R & R, but we came away with so much more.

We experienced ice bathing (yes, I know—crazy), yummy raw food (I know what you’re thinking but check out the picture below. YUM!) and fun group training. Plus, we learnt so much about how to include healthy, balanced food into our day-to-day lives.


Phuket Cleanse is run by an incredible bunch of people, including owners Mel (who recently spoke at Awesomeness Fest Thailand) and Stanton Proctor, Program & Operations Director, Phil Anthony, and Physique Transformation Specialist, Dave Catudal.

They’ve put together a program that truly blew our minds. They call this detox program an ‘Active Cleanse’. And it really is ACTIVE.

We experienced a natural detox and a fantastic fitness holiday through what they call the “5-R Protocol: Release toxins, Rebuild your system, Reshape your body, Recharge your mind and Re-create a better YOU!”

We all came away looking and feeling 100% better alongside a healthy appreciation for raw food, and the benefits of staying away from all the nasty additives that processed food contains.

A huge thanks to the team at Phuket Cleanse!

You can check out the Phuket Cleanse website here. It contains loads of info, including yummy recipes.



Left to right: Bex, Tanya, Jaclyn

Here are 5 takeaways from our trip to Phuket Cleanse:

1. What are Raw Foods Nutritionally?

You can define ‘Raw Foods’ as: Organic, Fresh, Unprocessed and Uncooked (not heated over 40 degrees C /104 degrees F).Raw foods include: raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouts, roots, root vegetables and squashes, fresh herbs and spices and seaweeds. Raw foods are included in Living Foods, as both the enzymes and water remain intact, whereas the cooking and refining process of many of today’s foods destroy the natural enzymes. Enzymes assist in the digestion of foods and are in essence the ‘energy’ or ‘life force’ of foods. Retaining the enzymes mean that food is more easily digested and nutrients are optimally and easily assimilated into the body. Enzymes in food however are sometimes dormant, particularly in nuts and seeds. The simple act of soaking them or one step further – sprouting them – activates dormant enzymes.

2. Many of the cleaning products that we use at home are not only bad for the environment, but they are REALLY bad for us! It’s super easy to make great household cleaners that actually work, and are not harmful to us or the environment. Phuket Cleanse have put together some recipes HERE. 

3. If you are wanting to detoxify your life, you need to think about the products that you are using on on your skin and hair. Phuket Cleanse have put together a whole lot of easy to make recipes that you can create at home HERE.

Olla enjoying the view

Olla enjoying the view

4. Gaining weight? Don’t know why? It might be your oestrogen Levels! 

Excess oestrogen increases Body fat: Fat tissue produces and stores more oestrogen. The oestrogen in turn, causes the body to increase fat tissue, fat tissue produces more oestrogen, oestrogen continues to produce fat tissue, and on and on the cycle goes. This happens in both men and women. We learnt how to detox our oestrogen levels!

5. Phuket Cleanse call their all-inclusive detox and fitness program anActive Cleanse’.

Here is their ‘5-R Protocol’ that we are aiming to re-create at home:

  • Release toxins by sweating in workouts and saunas.
  • Rebuild your system with whole-food and plant-based nutrition.
  • Reshape your body through body sculpting workouts.
  • Recharge your body through yoga, ice baths, massage and reflexology.
  • Re-create the image of yourself through meditation, self-development strategies.