The countdown is on for Awesomeness Fest Puerto Vallarta this November 6-9. We’re excited to share that we have an amazing agenda planned and have just added another awesome opportunity to the lineup…

In addition to the complimentary pre-event workshop with Lisa Nichols on November 5, we’re offering another optional post-event activity for all Puerto Vallarta attendees.

The day after Awesomeness Fest Puerto Vallarta on November 10, attendees have a chance to “spread the awesomeness” through three awesome volunteer projects that will give back to the local community.

One of our rockstar volunteers, Rebekah Uccellini, together with the Founder of the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies, Stephen Brooks, will lead a full day initiative working with a local organization in Puerto Vallarta.

Awesome huh?

The morning will begin with a workshop held by Stephen and Rebekah followed by 3 magic projects to choose from: 

  • Permaculture Installation- Planting fruit trees/ pollinator/ herb garden
  • Art/ Mural/ Beautification project
  • Building/ Carpentry/ fix-it projects

Rebekah has been working for the past decade to bring land, non-profits and projects to their greatest potential. She has worked in a wide variety of projects from creating  sustainable retreats around the world working for celebrity clients, to doing Community Development, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief projects around the globe. She is the founder of Voluntourism (a not-for-profit that connects the “right people with the right projects around the world” creating more conscious travel). She has worked with non-profits in 34 countries to help them to become more effective/regenerative, and inspires people to use their gifts towards global solutions.

In 2013 she founded “Grow the Change” — a community development program with a focus on creating empowerment gardens in the disenfranchised communities (homeless shelters, hospitals, juvenile detention centers and low-income schools). These sites really are “Revolutions disguised as Gardens”… focusing on transforming the educational systems, creating in access to food-equality, regenerative solutions, mentorship, nutrition, healing arts, entrepreneurship trainings, and community building.  She currently lives off the grid on Maui and this will be her 4th year volunteering with the Afest team.

Stephen is the Founder of the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Founded in 1997, Punta Mona is considered a world leader in tropical, sustainable agriculture and sustainable living techniques. In 2006, Stephen developed La Ecovilla, a 40 lot community and a world model for sustainable living and conscious community, with residents from 24 countries sharing the goal of living an intentional permaculture focused life. With the goal of creating accessible experiences that influence people’s lives, Stephen co-founded and co-produces the annual Envision Festival. Nearly four thousand people attended in 2014.

If you guys decide to join us for an epic day of giving back, click here to RSVP to via email.

I can’t imagine a better conclusion to an already epic event.

Unfortunately Awesomeness Fest Puerto Vallarta has now sold out, but have no fear, we have 3 EPIC events coming up in 2015. If you want to be the very first to hear about them, make sure you sign up HERE.

About Awesomeness Fest:

Awesomeness Fest is an transformational event that brings together people who are driven to change the world. Over the course of several days, you’ll participate in incredible adventures, make deep connections, and more! We have 3 epic events planned for 2015 (but sorry, dates and locations are hush, hush right now!)