Awesomeness Fest Thailand, which took place June 12-15, in Phuket, Thailand got off to a bit of a bumpy start. In the weeks before the event Thailand declared martial law and imposed a curfew. Eek!

But, just as the curfew was lifted and the political situation in Thailand began to stabilise, over 260 amazing entrepreneurs from 40 different countries joined us for five days in paradise to learn, grow, connect with incredible parties, cultural excursions, and enlightening talks by brilliant entrepreneurs and thought leaders. And it was EPIC.

Seriously, the energy of this group was incredible!

We had some absolutely spectacular speakers including Lisa Nichols, Kute Blackson, Sam Cawthorn, Vishen Lakhiani, Khailee Ng and more.

We also had a few attendees speak on stage including Ka Sundance. Ka travels around the world with his wife and five beautiful kids, sharing their message of healthy living. He was a huge inspiration, and the audience LOVED him.

Here are some of the highlights:

The day before Awesomeness Fest Thailand Lisa Nichols gave an intimate workshop session, complementary for Afesters, that absolutely BLEW our minds.

On day one, we held a cocktail party complete with a Loi Krathong ceremony, traditional Thai performers, and live music. Already we were off to a great start.

On day two, we had a Cabaret themed party—as you can image the costumes were quite something! We also had shadow dancers and a 12-person Las Vegas style Ladyboy performance. It was awesome.

On day three, we loaded everyone on 4 large Catamarans and cruised the Thai coastline whist listening to music, playing on water slides, and sipping sunset cocktails.

I know, I know. How can we possibly beat that?!

Well, we did.

The following day we held the Awesomeness Fest Thailand closing party. Mindvalley Founder, Vishen Lakhiani, described this party as “the most EPIC closing part in Mindvalley history”.

It really was.

We transported everyone by speedboat to a private island where they were greeted by Thai women in traditional dress, a troupe of traditional drummers, and a welcome drink. We had dinner, enjoyed a fire show, lit up the sky with some incredible sky lanterns, and then danced under the stars, with our toes in the sand, to the sweet tunes of one of Asia’s best DJ’s, Ray Soo.

This event was a major milestone for us.

Not only was Awesomeness Fest Thailand the second event ever to hit the shores of Asia, but we also sold out in record time, and increased the size of the event by 15%!

Overall, it was a great success!

While we’re a bit bummed that it’s over, the next stop for Awesomeness Fest is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on 6-9 November.

If you missed out on Thailand but would still like to experience Awesomeness Fest, it’s not too late! Limited tickets for Awesomeness Fest Puerto Vallarta in Mexico are still available but selling fast.

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P.s Awesomeness Fest Thailand Tribe members are still talking about the impact of the event, the level of bonding, profound learning, and growth opportunities that took place, as well as sharing new business ideas.

Check out what some of them are saying about Awesomeness Fest Thailand:

“I’m finally home! What an adventure that was… the people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, and the connections I’ve made. I thought I was pretty awesome before Awesomeness fest, but now, I’m even more ‘awesomer’ after Awesomeness Fest” – Tim Lee 

“The kinds of conversations I had last night really blew my mind! Not only that, but we were brought to a private Island by speedboat and then danced the night away for our final night! Surreal and totally unforgettable!” – Sarah Lian

“The final day of Awesomeness Fest blew me away. Another amazing event by the inspiring Lisa Nichols, experiencing the mind-blowing whisper tunnel, followed by a bus and speed boat to a private island for dinner, drinks and dancing, fire dancers and a paper lantern ceremony… amazing. Life will never be the same.” – Janine Ripper

“Having an amazing time at Awesomeness Fest in Phuket, Thailand. Met lots od inspiring people! Highly recommend it for any of my entrepreneurial friends who are into personal development. A business event like no other, including parties, cabaret and cruises, as well as the usual things you’d expect from this kind of event.” – Elwin Robinson

“Imagine meeting 260+ people who have had a self revolution, and are now working on a global revolution to push humanity forward. Meet your team. Yep, there are some out there who give a sh*t and are smart enough to make an ecological change for us all. So if you’re out there trying to do it yourself… come meet a pretty epic tribe” – Rory Kock-Callaghan

“Being in a room of people who want to bring positive change to the world, live their love, embody inspiration and freedom and not just talk about stuff, but actually live it—These are very much my type of people.” – Nick Perrin

“Just had the most incredible experience meeting 260+ amazing people for #4DaysOfAwesomeness. Very tired and very happy” – Rory Lawrence

“I have been just overflowing with love and movement since AFest…what an amazing feeling to find the people who feel more like family than strangers from the word go!” – Davina Rose