It’s finally here…

We’re excited to share with you our newest ‘After Movie’ featuring incredible footage from A-Fest Ibiza: ‘Love & Relationships’, which took place in May, 2017.

This event was absolutely amazing – our best lineup of speakers to date, a powerful theme, an extraordinary tribe of 400 brilliant individuals, and a stunning location, woven together to create yet another unforgettable event.

Theme of this event was ‘Love & Relationships’ – a theme that has got people seriously buzzing.

Love is one of the most beautiful (and most difficult), aspects of being human. It’s the element of life that most connects with our sense of happiness and self-worth, yet our education systems have failed to teach us how to excel in it.

Together, at A-Fest Ibiza, we explored new ideas, models and systems to become the best you can be as a friend, child, parent, spouse, lover, or partner.

We welcomed to the stage best-selling author and psychotherapist, Esther Perel; best-selling author of the most well known and trusted relationship book of all time “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”, John Gray; Writer, TV personality and Activist, Dan Savage; Founders of Lifebook, Jon & Missy Butcher; and more.

Our Next A-Fest Takes place in Montego Bay, Jamaica on Nov 9 to 12 2017. Where we’ll be exploring the theme of “Enhanced States of Consciousness”, inspired by Steven Kotler’s new book “Stealing Fire”.

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