As a business consultant, Morty Lefkoe, president and founder of The Lefkoe Institute, found that organizations hired for his advice, and then often didn’t follow it. Other consultants had the same problem —people seemed to resist change.

Morty solved this problem by creating his own brand of techniques to get people to embrace change, called ‘The Lefkoe Method’. Since he’s helped over 18,000 people produce change in their organizations as well as in their personal lives.

And that is where this story involves Awesomeness Fest.

We are happy to announce that Morty Lefkoe will be speaking at Afest Costa Rica, taking place Thursday, October 22 – Sunday, October 25 at the beautiful, luxurious and all-inclusive Westin Golf Resort & Spa in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The theme of this coming Afest will be a theme that founder of Mindvalley and Awesomeness Fest, Vishen Lakhiani, believes is “Incredibly important, but something that thus far, our entire education system completely ignores”…

The theme is Belief hacking. (You can hear Vishen talk more about this in a short video here >)

For Afest Costa Rica we are bringing to you incredible belief hackers, including Morty, Marisa Peer, Lisa Nichols and more.

Morty has written a book about the Lefkoe Belief Process, ‘Re-create Your Life: Transforming Yourself and Your World’. The book explains how the LBP works, how it is significantly different from most forms of psychotherapy, its spiritual implications, and how its principles can be applied to parenting, health, business, and social change.

At Afest, Morty is going to teach attendees about ‘conscious beliefs’, and how to train your brain to remove fear, stress and anxiety from your life by turning off you ‘meaning making machine’. Morty has great experience helping people end procrastination habits, get rid of excessive perfectionism, and even stopping violent behavior (He has written a number of case studies in his book ‘Recreate Your Life’.)

His methods change not only behavior but also emotions. His methods are so effective that when it was studied by scientists at the University of Arizona it was found to be effective at eliminating the fear of public speaking. After the 6-month follow-up Dr. Lee Sechrest who conducted the study said, “We had expected the fear to come back but it didn’t. They [the subjects] had in fact changed. Their fear of public speaking was gone.”

We absolutely cannot wait to see Morty and other incredible ‘belief hackers’ live on stage at Awesomeness Fest this October.

There are still spaces left for Awesomeness Fest Costa Rica, so do yourself a favour and apply to join us >>>

About Awesomeness Fest:

This October, we’re taking it back to where it all started—to the beautiful country of Costa Rica that hosted the first-ever Awesomeness Fest event back in 2010. We invite you to spend four unforgettable days with us from Thursday, October 22 to Sunday, October 25 in beautiful Costa Rica – with a few hundred of the world’s most brilliant and inspiring leaders, change-makers and thought leaders.

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