Mindvalley’s Co-Founder Mike Reining says that we’re all ‘cursed’. That we’re all in fact shrouded with what he calls the ‘choice curse’. Despite being gifted with endless paths and opportunities to pursue our passions, we often end up settling for the easier route – and that route is almost never the route we love.

As a Stanford MBA graduate, Mike kicked off his career in the direction that most people call a successful path. But after climbing the corporate ladder in multimillion dollar businesses like eBay and Boston Consulting Group, Mike discovered these companies didn’t meet his ideal working environment. And they were taking away his passions and dreams.

Mike wanted to swim against the tide and start something on his own. So he took ‘the plunge’ by starting a business with Vishen. And he’s never looked back since. Mike left the cookie-cutter world to gain three simple (but life changing) things that a big corporation could never give him.

And we’ll give you a clue. They’re a lot deeper than a fancy office and flashy cars…

To uncover the three things that set Mike on a path to fulfillment and living his life purpose, check out his inspiring talk at Awesomeness Fest last year.

So tell us, how far have you leaped forward to change your life? Was it worth it? We’d love to hear your stories.