Lisa Nichols loves Awesomeness Fest. Like, seriously, loves it.

So, I’m sure it won’t come as any surprise that she will be joining us in Puerto Vallarta this November, and we couldn’t be happier.


Because we love Lisa and her team!

Yes, yes!

Always an Awesomeness Fest highlight and huge inspiration to attendees, Lisa is a best-selling author, popular public speaker, powerful coach, and one of the most inspiring teachers on the planet.

This year, Lisa will run a workshop entitled “Creating Ultimate Success in Your Personal and Professional Life” on Wednesday, November 5 from 2PM-6PM at the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa.

This special workshop, normally valued at around $1,000, will be offered complimentary to anyone who purchases a ticket to Awesomeness Fest Puerto Vallarta 2014.

Lisa, CEO of Motivating the Masses, will work in an intimate setting with attendees to share powerful training on how to create and sustain ultimate success in personal and professional life.

Lisa has developed this workshop for those who want to learn how to expand their financial and relationship success, and ultimately attract the life they want. Workshop attendees can get ready to experience a radical shift in mindset recalibration designed to accelerate your growth, dreams and ambitions.

Full of interactive and experiential exercises that will awaken your soul and super-ignite your passion, Lisa will share how to release negative thoughts and feelings and limiting beliefs that are blocking your path and help you create a powerful, real shift in your mindset, behavior and actions.

Lisa has reached millions, both nationally and internationally with her powerful message of empowerment, service, excellence & gratitude. Her participation in the self-development phenomenon “The Secret,” catapulted her popularity across the globe. Lisa has appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Extra,” “Larry King Live” and on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning show, “Starting Over”. Her book “No Matter What!” hit 6 bestsellers lists, including the New York Times, in the first 37 days of being released and has already been sold in 20 foreign languages. Lisa has been coined “The Breakthrough Specialist” by her peers in the industry.

Yes, yes!

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About Awesomeness Fest:

Awesomeness Fest is an transformational event that brings together people who are driven to change the world. Over the course of several days, you’ll participate in incredible adventures, make deep connections, and more! The next event will take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 6-9.

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