“Oh Awesomeness Fest… How sweet you are.

One never knows what to expect when going to a new conference or workshop. What will the people be like? Will it really be worth it for me to travel so far to be there? What breakthrough or piece of knowledge will I take away from this?

I didn’t know much about Awesomeness Fest at all, only that I was friends with Vishen, and knew of the work of Mindvalley.

It is not an easy experience to describe at all and I think the most important thing it does for all that attend is that it gives a sweet taste of being part of a community. Many go their whole lives and never really get to feel what that feels like. It is an indescribable feeling of being a part of something bigger and being surrounded by a group of people that truly care about your growth and success.

At Awesomeness Fest, we created a collective soup of all of our energies that made quite a unique and tasty brew for us all to intoxicate ourselves in, and bask in the sweetness of feeling loved and a part of something way bigger than we are alone. Being a speaker at Awesomeness Fest was a true honor as the audience is packed with powerful speakers and teachers.

I also co-lead the ‘Spread the Awesomeness’ day [Give Back day] where we took a group of 80 attendees to an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta and installed gardens, planted fruit trees, improved their infrastructure with building projects, and brought lots of joy to the more than 60 kids that were living there.

Thank you for this experience and I hope to be a part of more Awesomeness in the future.”

 Stephen Brooks

Do yourself a favour, and apply to join us at Awesomeness Fest 2015 here>>>

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