“I went to Awesomeness Fest with the mindset to bring my energy, excitement and to just celebrate life!

The event production was flawless, and both surprised and delighted my every step of the way. The speakers were inspiring and authentic, giving much of their time during the event to talk and connect with attendees.

I had great conversations with so many amazing people. Everyone invited to this event seemed to come with an open mind and had something to contribute.

Honestly, Awesomeness Fest is hard to describe. It’s an incredible combination of, dynamic people, inspirational speakers, business connections and knowledge sharing around work, socializing and celebrating life with epic parties!

I meet so many awesome people.

I’m definitely going to Croatia!

I actually can’t wait!”

Seth Quest

Do yourself a favour, and apply to join us at Awesomeness Fest 2015 here>>>

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