Greg Habstritt, founder of SimpleWealth, has a unique skill set that not only allows him to be a successful full-time investor, but also has the ability to teach others how to create wealth and prosperity for themselves. He truly “walks the talk,” as he teaches principles and strategies that he personally has used to create a significant investment portfolio and net worth.

Greg will be talking about “The Myth Of More: Why You’re Rarely Happy Where You Are, And What To Do About It.” He explains that most people grow up pursuing external measures of success and prosperity, yet never shake the feeling that there’s something “more” they need to discover. Their addiction to “more” grows stronger with each year – the gap between what they have and what they want widens. This talk is about the key lessons that Greg learned through years of struggle, growth, awareness and teaching. It is about providing a unique and somewhat controversial perspective into what most people are pursuing – and a call to action for people to go beyond the bullshit they’re led to believe, and to instead build a truly meaningful life that has impact.

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