It’s been FIVE years since our first Awesomeness Fest took place in Costa Rica in 2010! 

Wow. How time has flown by…

And what a magnificent 5 years it has been.

In 2011, we hit the shores of Maui, Hawaii, and as you can imagine it was spectacular!

In 2012 we held Afest in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Best selling author Lisa Nichols who’s attended EVERY Awesomeness Fest event, described this event as:

unmatched, unparalleled, unapologetic, untamed and everything you want”.

In 2013, Awesomeness Fest expanded by hosting TWO events. The first, our inaugural Afest East event, was held in beautiful Bali. The event was a wild success, selling out twice for a total of 230 attendees who raved about the experience for months.

Then we took Afest to Gorgeous Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This event was Awesomeness Fest’s biggest event to date which brought together 350 entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Program highlights included a massive pool party, sunset Catamaran excursion and a whole lotta’ growth, connection and fun.

In June of this year we went to Phuket, Thailand, which was the location for the second Afest ever to hit the shores of Asia. This event brought together 260 incredible people from 40 different countries. Highlights included a Cabaret themed party, a Catamaran cruise around the islands of Phuket, and the closing party on a private island. We had dinner, enjoyed a fire show, lit up the sky with sky lanterns, and then danced under the stars, with our toes in the sand to the sweet tunes of one of Asia’s best DJs.

Overall, 4 days of EPIC fun!

Seeing this list makes us realize we’ve shared plenty of amazing moments with you all…

We’re looking forward to many more amazing moments together and possibly expanding Afest to three events in 2015! *hint, hint: We could be heading to Europe*

So, come with us and take a trip down memory lane HERE.

The next stop for Awesomeness Fest is Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, November 6-9 2014. We are already 85% sold out so if you are thinking about it APPLY HERE now. We think it could be our best event yet!

-The Awesomeness Fest Team