The day after A-Fest Greece, which took place in Mykonos in May, our attendees were given the opportunity to participate in Give Back Day, our post-event volunteerism initiative which focuses on giving back to the local community. 

This meaningful initiative, which takes place after each A-Fest, is designed to bring the best of A-Fest out of the conference room and into the local community, with attendees aiming to share as much goodness as possible.

This year’s project, organised by the incredible Rebekah Uccellini, who designs Give Back Day projects for a living (for everyone from Microsoft to Burning Man), focused on working with 7 different organizations that are providing relief efforts and assisting refugees arriving to the islands.

Although Greece is a hotspot for luxury travel, the country is also facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis of recent times, with the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees and migrants, and very little in the way of infrastructure to support them.

Rebekah teamed up with artist Tessa Winiarski (Blooming Bright) to create an incredible high-impact day.

“What an honor it is to bring together 100 of the most inspiring game changers from all around the world, to channel that love into these beautiful organizations that are run with so much heart and love and pure intention.” – Rebekah Uccellini

In just ONE day, nearly 100 attendees built 6 puppet theaters & 63 puppets, 60 hand painted signs with words of encouragement, affirmations & directions, built two outdoor movie screens three websites, and worked on strategy development for 5 nonprofits that were involved in the project, and education and curriculum development for the camps themselves.

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This amazing group also raised much needed donations of funds and supplies, which have now been donated to 6 different refugee camps, orphanages and schools across Greece and Turkey.

Many of these attendees were so touched by their experience at Give Back Day they volunteered to extend their stay in Greece to work with the REFUGEE camps and organisations in ATHENS.

Rebekah says Give Back Day is about “joining together to see what’s possible when we align for a common purpose. We get to fill the cup of these amazing organizations, to give them a platform to share from, to raise awareness, to do strategy development, building projects, art projects, education development and helping to create more resiliency for these visions to flourish so that they might meet one of the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.”

Since Give Back Day some A-Fest attendees have volunteered as coordinators and coaches to the nonprofits they were working with on an ongoing basis – a clear sign that the ripple effect of Give Back Day continues.

Check out some of the incredible testimonials we received after Give Back Day from attendees:

“A-Fest is where growth happens and your network expands exponentially. Give back day is where your heart cracks open and you realize that all the business and personal skills that You have been working on all your life can be of service to make a difference in our world.”

“A-Fest is all about receiving knowledge, love and connection. But the most impactful piece is Give Back Day. It’s an opportunity to share our heart, talent and gifts with those that need it the most. To me, this is the highlight and culmination of all that A-Fest represents. The camaraderie and dedication to making a difference on our planet by helping others was so palpable amongst the Tribe. What an honor to participate in healing the world at this level. Together, we are making a difference!”

“Give Back Day is a totally unique experience that I believe is such an essential part of rounding off A-Fest and is what affected me the most, hands down. At A-Fest, we get inspired to be great leaders. At Give Back Day, we get an opportunity to BE leaders, by taking action to help those less fortunate than us. Thank you for opening my eyes to what is really important in the world.”

“Give Back Day has been an amazing part of my own self discovery. To touch and help individuals however small to see the gratitude and LOVE from others who may have so little, responding to small acts of kindness with joy, happiness and LOVE. I am so blessed to be part of the A-Fest community which is having a massive ripple effect around the globe of LOVE. We are ONE.”

The GBD team will continue to provide support to the local organizations into the future, truly creating a lasting impact.

A huge thank you to all those who were involved in Give Back Day Greece 2016.

Rebekah, and A-Fest, would also like to thank the following organizations for all that they do;

  • Starfish Foundation
  • Better Days
  • Emfasis Foundation
  • One Light Global
  • Clowns Without Borders
  • School Box Project
  • Dirty Girls of Lesvos
  • Movement on the Ground

If you’re interested in supporting any of the organizations working on the ground in Greece, please visit

We look forward to the next A-Fest Give Back Day post A-Fest Mexico, taking place in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico on Thursday, Nov 3 – Sunday, Nov 6, 2016.

Limited tickets are still available but selling fast.

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