Dynamic duo Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish will be at Awesomeness Fest DR to talk about “How to start a lucrative business when you have no idea, no money, and no expertise”.

After being scammed for $12,000 dollars–broke, humiliated, and forced to live in his parents basement–Dane created multiple six figure software products from nothing. He didn’t have the ideas to build, didn’t have any money, and didn’t have any coding experience. Fast forward seven years and hundreds of entrepreneurs have used his process to start companies from nothing.

Business Partner, Andy believes entrepreneurship is the ultimate path for personal growth, self discovery and impact on the world. He’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs and influencers unleash genius already living inside them. Andy sold his first business at age 26 and then co-founded The Foundation, the world’s first online accelerator for software businesses, where they are reinventing the education of entrepreneurship.

If you’re looking for the next big thing but feeling insecure or anxious about what that would be – this is the talk for you. 

Find out exactly how can YOU be like those hundreds of entrepreneurs and succeed. 

Come meet Dane and Andy at Awesomeness Fest 🙂

We are on the verge of selling out, click here for your chance to attend.