Have you been experiencing blocks in achieving your dreams?

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. The times where we almost made that jump but missed by a step. That moment where the train arrives only to tell us the trip has been cancelled.

It happens to us all and can be truly frustrating. But what causes these blocks? Why can it seem like there’s a brick wall standing in front of us? And how exactly do we get rid of it?

Thankfully, energy healing guru Christie Marie Sheldon knows the answer.

As an expert in raising vibrations, Christie shared her gift with us at last year’s Awesomeness Fest by identifying the barriers between people and their dreams.

According to Christie, barriers are self-made and are formed by our beliefs and judgments – judgments that we bought and sold to ourselves after seeing or knowing something. She elaborates that these judgments are often falsehoods and misconceptions that discourage us from taking action.

But where did we draw these judgments and conclusions from? And how did we first form these judgments? We’ll let Christie give you that answer. It includes a simple exercise that’ll identify these barriers as well as an introduction on how to re-program your mindset to change your future. And It begins with making a choice and truly committing to it.

Check out the video for her awesome talk she gave to the tribe.