Chip Conley is part CEO, part mystic.

When the dot com bubble burst, Chip feared that his little boutique hotel in San Francisco would go out of business.

But with a vision in his mind, he went in search of a new business model. Inspired by his love for humanity and his passion for personal growth he went on a quest for a business model based on happiness.

He asked himself, “what could happen if during these tough times I focused on making all my employees, from the desk clerk to the cleaners of the rooms, truly happy?”

Inspired by his friendship with an employee and the wisdom of a Buddhist king, Chip learned that success comes from what you count. Instead of the usual things you’d expect from a CEO, Chip focused on measuring what makes life worthwhile.

His model went on to make Joie de Vivre boutique hotels become the #1 boutique hotel chain in California (and #2 in the entire USA) and led to an inspirational story that has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Including the tribe at Awesomeness Fest last year, where he received a standing ovation.

Meet Chip Conley and listen to his talk…. because it will inspire you too.

Here are some highlights from Chip’s talk:

* 11:00 – The surprising origins of Joie de Vivre’s work culture

* 22:00 – The single greatest hidden need every employee has

* 29:00 – Intangibles: the ambitious entrepreneur’s secret weapon

* 52:00 – How to know what really counts in your business (and what doesn’t)

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