“Awesomeness Fest, to me, is really about taking your dreams and projecting them into the future. It’s like putting them into motion, putting them into action.

You think you’re coming here for business, but actually what happens is that you just crack your heart open to personal growth things that you didn’t realise is what may have been holding you back in your business. But it actually was, and so that’s how you grow here at Awesomeness Fest.

The unique thing about Awesomeness Fest, and I was just talking to my husband about this, is that I have been to a lot of conferences. I’ve actually hosted retreats.

But the nice thing about this conference is the way that is structured in making you communicate and open up your heart. You can’t help but feel connected to those around you. Whereas, in other conferences, you’re sitting there, you’re listening and absorbing information, but you’re not necessary going home with lasting friendships or lasting contacts.

You may mingle, but it’s all pretty superficial. Here, we are talking about deep things; what are your fears?, what’s holding you back?, where do you want to go?

And so, you create these deeper connections that I just don’t get elsewhere.

Everything about business is connection. Everything about business is relationships.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, you’ve got to form good connecting relationships, figure out how to be a better communicator, and give praise or gratitude. A lot of conferences just focus on gratitude and graciousness.

All those things that you may not think are instrumental in your absolutely are. They are so simple and they are so effective.”

– Danette May

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