Awesomeness Fest: A Place of Growth and Inspiration

By Christine Bullock

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Are you in need of inspiration for your life? Are you an entrepreneur looking to take the next big step with your business? Are you seeking peace and healing in your life? Awesomeness Fest, created by the MindValley team, has all of the above. This was my first experience at an Awesomeness Fest, although they have been throwing these mind-blowing  functions at exotic locations around the world since 2010.

Awesomeness Fest was designed to teach how to develop the most of your natural talents and capabilities as a human being. This is the stuff you wished they had taught you in school. So whoever you are, whatever path you have chosen – mom, athlete, engineer, doctor, lawyer -if you are looking to jazz up you life and career, Awesomeness Fest will teach you how to sculpt your goals and achieve them faster. Oh and you will have a lot of fun on the journey!


I was blessed to learn about this just this year. My friend and mentor Kim Lyons was a speaker in the past and referred me to the company. I was asked to lead the morning workouts and film workouts that are part of a new project launching early next year (more details to come). After researching all the world-renowned speakers who attended in years past, like Lisa Nichols, Patricia Arquette, and Anousheh Ansari, I was totally thrilled to not only be part of this legendary event but learn along with the attendees.


This is a gathering and community of people who share values and a bigger vision of the impact they want to have on the world. Everyone comes from all over the world and from different businesses. I met a woman with a dog walking company near San Francisco, a man with a fitness company in Panama City, a musician who created the classic Ford song, so many wonderful authors, and we all had one thing in common – a passion to share our personal gifts to make the world a better place. The beauty of Afest is that they hand-pick a variety of people from different industries, genres, ages, and countries. You’re as likely to meet the owner of a $50 million dollar business, as you are to meet a young up-and-coming musician or marketing director.


There, in the midst of paradise, we developed friendships, cultivated ideas and helped each other    learn and grow. Almost half of the 350 people who attended Afest in Dominican Republic have  visited years prior, and have become known as “tribe” members. I can see myself attending every  year. They come back every year because of the personal growth and boding that occur, with a  heavy dose of fun and adventure. This isn’t your boring hum-drum conference. Not only are you  staying in an exotic location, they pack the day with fun events and parties. You start each  morning with your choice of fitness workout on the beach – that is where I came in. I was able to  meet so many wonderful folks, who smiled through extreme HIIT and Pilates training (and  showed up after a long night partying). After fitness you can meander over to meditation with  world-renowned Tom Cronin. We also had a Carnival party that went until 7 am, a catamaran trip,  Sammmy Tagget – one of the best DJ’s in the world, a late night pool party, and a dinner on the  beach during sunset filled with a night of dancing.  Even though I took so much from all the  amazing speakers, these events where I was really able to bond with all the attendees and speakers  alike.

A-Fest is continuing to grow at an exponential pace because people are seeking this safe are to  share and learn about themselves in order to develop other parts of their lives. I believe about 2,900 people applied to be part of Afest Dominican Republic last year, and only 350 were selected. There are huge plans for future years, so sign up now!


I feel so blessed and inspired returning from A-Fest. You are in a place with so many supportive people, like you, who want to see you grow. There’s no competition. We can each support each other because we understand there is more than enough space in this world for every business to flourish. I learned a lot about where I want to expand my personal health & lifestyle business from exercises we did during the lecture. I will make sure to blog some of these exercises in future articles. I’m pretty creative, but this makes me a little scatter brained sometimes, so my business ideas are all over the place. Vishen, founder and CEO of MindValley, had a wonderful exercise called “The 3 Most Important Questions”.

This really helped me to hone what changes I want to make in the world and develop my business ideas to pursue those goals.  I’m so pumped to create, write, and inspire! Speakers like Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Fab Mancini, Anousheh Ansari, and so many more pass along their experiences and wisdom.

Thanks again to all the staff at Awesomeness Fest who made this experience for all of us so much fun!

You guys are awesome!

About Christine Bullock:


Christine was voted LA Racked “Hottest Trainer of 2013“, her 10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift DVD won top Pilates DVD’s of 2013, and is the go to wellness expert and can be seen on E!, California Life, and, as well as a contributor to Oxygen Magazine, In Touch Magazine, Life & Style, Popsugar, FabFitFun, SheKnows, Examiner, Inside Weddings, and HauteLook. She is recognized as a top fitness model representing brands such as P-90X, Insanity, Equinox, American Gladiators, Metaball, BodyLX 360, Alpha Pro Nutrition, and Core-Stix to name a few. Christine has been featured on the cover of Europe’s biggest fitness magazine Sport & Fitness, as well as featured in Men’s Health with a full page interview.

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