By Jason Campbell

My journey to Bali was different to the last time I had visited. Last time, I had not quit my job. I had not packed my whole life into 2 suitcases. And I didn’t have this mysterious event on the schedule, known only as ‘Afest’.

The videos on the internet made Awesomeness Fest look like a really good time, and I was looking to press a reset button in my life. It was going to be a great cleanse for me. So, to say that I was ‘excited’ to be on this adventure would be an understatement, although I really didn’t know what to expect.

Once I landed in Bali, I made my way to the gorgeous hotel, Melia Bali in Ulu Watu. I met my roommate, whom I had connected online prior to the event, so it was awesome to meet her in person. I had a real sense of feeling ‘safe’ with other ‘Afesters’, or ‘tribe’ as they are called, so finding a roommate was easy.

What happened next was when my life really started to shift…

Below, is the crux of my Awesome Transformation, and the 3 greatest ‘takeaways’ from my journey to Awesomeness Fest Bali, in 2013.


Jason 3Everyone was coming from a similar place. People came solo, or with a friend or two. Everyone was looking to make new connections. From the start of the event the CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, made it clear that everything at Awesomeness Fest was designed for purpose. From the talks, the activities, as well as attendees themselves, everything was
engineered for connection.

One of the best things about that first day, is that we were divided into smaller groups, and we all quickly became close friends. The lunch, the dinner, and the cocktail evening were all experienced surrounded with this new circle of friends, all of whom had bonded instantly. It was amazing. I still speak to many of the people I met at Awesomeness Fest. We are also part of the online ‘tribe’ which is really great for staying connected, sharing ideas, vision, and inspiration.


Everyone at Awesomeness Fest were rockstars in their own way. People either had businesses of their own, or they were working for great companies and great causes. Conversations were fun and mature, because people were not like the people back home. There was no negativity. Not in a “I don’t want to hear bad news” way, but more of a “Hmm, you could fix X by simply doing Y right now”.

I had never been surrounded by so many cool people who just saw the world as a playground of opportunities. And everyone saw it.

Business deals happened and people were being hired. And it was amazing to see all this happen over one short weekend in Bali. One thing is for sure – the direct connections to those cool people were priceless. I was hanging out on the beach with guys like Tom Cronin, the founder of The Stillness Project, which is the world’s largest meditation event. Tom spoke to us about his journey from the finance industry to meditation. Honestly, meditation was still an unknown to me and considered ‘fluff’ in my opinion. But this was about to change.

I also found myself playing Pong Ping with Khailee Ng, a Malaysian Entrepreneur who built one of the largest media groups in South East Asia.

Everyone at Awesomeness Fest is on the same level, and it’s really cool.

Mind Hacking

I’m a hard working, realistic guy. Meditation, Yoga and all that hokey-pokey, cute stuff wasn’t for a guy like me. Hitting the gym, caffeine and stress was the fuel that moved me to get stuff done.

At Awesomeness Fest we had a chance to start doing meditations and creative visualisations. At first I was very hesitant and had planned to ‘sort-of’ do the activities. But with a room of 200 people, and a speaker like Vishen Lakhiani, I was ready to give it a try. This was a true mind hack.

It got me re-evaluating why I held up some weird rules (now known as Brules – AKA bullshit rules) and beliefs that were simply upheld because of how I was raised and who I surrounded myself with.

At Awesomeness fest you are surrounded by new incredible people, and therefore, new concepts. It’s a place to explore the kind of person you want to be and what principals should guide you. And in this pure state of mind, away from the clutter and noise of everyday life, you truly get a chance to become who you have always been.

Meditation and Yoga are now part of my life. I understand the power of the mind and how to reach epic goals in life. And I am well on my way to doing that!

Fun people, Fun Activities and Unforgettable Experience 

Xtal JasFast forward to today: It’s been over 7 months since that trip to Bali. To be quite frank, I have never been the same.

I have unlocked new powers in manifestation, intuition, and incredible productivity. I kid you not. I started my new job in September and was promoted within 3 weeks. I celebrated 6 months in a new relationship with a wonderful women whom I was lucky enough to meet at Awesomeness Fest. She is as wonderful as she is pretty, and I feel more fulfilled than ever. I already can’t wait to return to Awesomeness Fest later this year!

I recommend all my friends go to Awesomeness Fest, and many of them have already had the opportunity to go. I know that the more people I can convince to go to Awesomeness Fest, the more lives will be positively impacted.

And, if you are lucky enough to make it there, be sure to come say hello! My new employer is in fact, Mindvalley, the creator of Awesomeness Fest. So you will be seeing me at every future event… 

About Jason Campbell:
JasonJason used to be a Real Estate Investor and Sales Trainer until he decided to drop everything and put his skills to work to help push humanity forward.  He now runs the Entrepreneurship Division of Mindvalley, responsible for Mindvalley Insights and Zentrepreneur.  He speaks at various events such as Canadian Real Estate Investor Forums, at the University of Ottawa, and Bangkok School of Management.  Jason dreams of running a large team of dedicated souls doing “epic projects” and making the world a better place.  He is well on his way to doing that.  You will see him at almost all future Afest events – running Zentrepreneur.



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