A-fest Costa Rica, which took place in Guanacaste in October, just wrapped up and it was truly incredible…  And that comes first-hand from those who attended.

After every A-fest, we send out a Post Event Feedback Survey to everyone who attended the event asking about their personal experience of the event including what they loved, and how we can improve.

Our team reads every single response and, based on the data collected, we’re thrilled to learn that the response to the event has been epic. We’ve been blown away by the feedback we’ve received, from both new and repeat Afesters.

A-fest Costa Rica was voted the best “overall experience” in history with 77% respondents giving it a 5/5 rating, and 86% of respondents describing A-fest Costa Rica as “the best experience of their life,” or “One of the best experiences of their lives.”

“My first Afest was strong enough to make me come back – the second one in Costa Rica made me fall in love with the event forever – so from now on I’ll make it a priority to be there… This is the best event I’ve ever been to.”

Our Net Promoters Score (NPS gauge’s attendees loyalty) for A-fest Costa Rica is 80.

That’s an amazing achievement, and one that we’re very proud of.

The theme of A-fest Costa Rica was “Belief Hacking,” which was woven in throughout the curriculum of speakers, facilitators, and the overall event, which delivered some powerful content and created some incredible opportunities for growth and transformation.

We had many inspiring speakers take the stage including our wonderful friend Lisa Nichols; creator of The Lefkoe Method, Morty Lefkoe*, speaker & author Christie Marie Sheldon, bestselling author Noah St John, world renowned celebrity therapist Marisa Peer, and more. 85% of attendees rated the speakers at “Absolutely Fantastic” or “Great.”

Morty Vishen

The diversity of the attendees at this event was awesome (attendees included actresses, NFL and NBA players, a man who’s worked with 7 US presidents, teachers, best-selling authors, speakers and more).

And because of the calibre of attendees, the event featured more peer-to-peer learning and Tribe-led break-out sessions than ever before — all of which focused on the cross-pollination of knowledge and experience between Tribe members to create real-life, tangible tools and takeaways for fellow attendees – It was a highlight for many.Afest Costa Rica 2015 - DSC_7765 - by Karen Harms

In the feedback survey 91% of attendees said that Afest “helped them meet personal goals such as forging friendships, connecting with like-minded individuals, personal development and more,” and the caliber of attendees in Costa Rica was ranked the highest since A-fest Playa del Carmen, which took place in 2012 – a true testament to the calibre and diversity of those who attended.

The parties were more spectacular than ever, with a diversity of deep connective experiences, artistic collaboration and downright celebration… Our social events and excursions scored the highest rating in A-fest party history on the feedback survey.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 4.22.44 PM

The “Magical Rainforest” themed closing party was particularly special — and was voted THE BEST Party in A-fest history.

It featured a giant custom-made sloth towering over the main stage, an incredible set by David Block (The Human Experience), as well as aerialist performances, fire shows, body painted characters, a life-size butterfly farm with human butterflies, a live music performance and more… but it was an electrical “blackout” that really surprised attendees with a surprise blacklight neon performance and paint erupting from the stage. The event came to a close with a beautiful fireworks display over the beach.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 4.23.59 PM

But don’t take our word for the success of this event, you can read it for yourself here;

“I knew this A-fest would be amazing, but it exceeded my expectations in every way! I truly believe it has been one of the most extraordinary things I have done in my life. The quality of the speakers was exceptional, the settings of the dinners/parties was absolutely gorgeous (every time I showed up for an event, I was blown away by the beauty and the attention to detail), and the closing party – WOW – I’ve been to a lot of cool parties in my life, but this one may have taken the cake!”

“Wow, just WOW! I attended my first Afest to help me build my business and to help anyone I could along the way. And Afest was the perfect backdrop for both. But I keep going because I make so many lifelong human connections. Connections that help me stay on and expand my purpose, both at the event and when I get home from it. And those connections are often forged and fused on the dance floor. I’m now a serial attendee!”

“A-fest was the single most incredible experience of my life (so far!) The opportunities to learn, connect and expand are infinite within in such an inspiring event, and it certainly was the incubator that Mia said it would be. The shifts that I have made over the 5 days at A-fest will keep having a ripple effect through my life and the life of those that I am serving (and will serve) through my message and my mission. I have met the most wonderful people and I know that this is the start of a wonderful awakening into my truth and myself.”

Reading the feedback about what A-fest means to people and how it has impacted their lives is such a touching reminder of the work that we’re doing and its importance.

We’re now busy organising our 2016 events, the first of which will be taking place in Mykonos, Greece Thursday, May 26 – Sunday, May 29, 2016.

The theme of this next event will be “Bio-Hacking: Mind and Body,” (a theme which is already attracting some seriously top-level speakers), where we’ll be bringing in some of the world’s most renowned “bio-hackers.”

Plus, we’ll be throwing bigger and better parties with a greater emphasis on the inclusion of arts and collaborative experiences. We’re dedicated to creating magical environments for incredible connections, bonding and growth.

We’re excited to announce that A-fest will take place Thursday, May 26 – Sunday, May 29 in Mykonos, Greece — a location that we’re truly excited about. The venue is incredible, the setting spectacular, and this year we’re aiming to make this next A-fest bigger, better, and more transformational than ever before.

We hope that you are able to join us.

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The Afest team

* We’re very saddened to share that our dear friend Morty Lefkoe passed away just days after his return home from A-fest Costa Rica. We feel deeply honoured and privileged to have shared this time with him and will remember him dearly for his contributions to A-fest and the World.

About A-fest:

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