The dates and location for A-fest Europe 2016 are locked and loaded…

We’re excited to announce that A-fest will take place Thursday, May 26 – Sunday, May 29 in Mykonos, Greece — a location that we’re truly excited about.

The venue is incredible, the setting spectacular, and this year we’re aiming to make this next A-fest bigger, better, and more transformational than ever before.

The theme for this A-Fest is “BioHacking, Brain and Body” and the focus will be on learning about how to improve your longevity, increase your body’s performance and enhance your brain power.

You’ll be learning from some of the greatest minds in the world including the world’s foremost bio-hacker Dave Asprey, America’s best-selling food and nutrition specialist, JJ Virgin and more.

Applications have just opened today.

Apply to join us at A-fest Greece this May >>>

Since 2010, A-fest has been attracting entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more. It was created to help spread enlightened ideas in business and personal growth, and empower those who attend to live more extraordinary lives.

Today, our growing tribe is an incredible group of change makers, leaders, cultural creatives and passionate entrepreneurs who are creating truly epic results in the world.

While the learning topics are incredible – A-fest’s main attraction has always been it’s tribe. Each year A-fest receives thousands of applications for just 650 spots each year across two events.

The limited tickets are available by application and attendees are selected based on the impact they can have on improving the world.

Join us for an incredible, transformational, once in a lifetime event!

We can’t wait to meet you Greece.

It is going to be incredible.

Check out what previous speakers and attendees have to say about A-fest:

“You’re immersing yourself into an entire world where people have come together to do something really special” – Tom Chi, Inventor and Google Genius

“The A-fest Tribe is really a group of entrepreneurs, who in their heart of hearts, are looking to change the world” – Emily Fletcher, Founder of Ziva Meditation

“I would describe A-fest as unmatched, unparalleled, unapologetic, untamed and everything you want.” ~ Lisa Nichols, Best Selling Author and star of The Secret