After her video on clearing abundance blocks went viral last year, we invited Christie Marie Sheldon back onto the A-fest stage in Costa Rica.

In this brand new 3o minute video from one of the most extraordinary energy healers we’ve seen, Christie will teach you to discover;

  • How we create our reality as young children through belief imprinting.
  • The concept of “cross-purpose,” how it causes conflicts within our subconscious, and how it ultimately holds us back from abundance.
  • Two amazing stories of how she helped her clients clear deep rotted abundance blocks — And the instant results they experienced afterwards.

At around the 14-minute mark, Christie actually takes the entire crowd through an immersive Energy Clearing session. This is a full 15-minute session that you can follow yourself and it will help you identify and eliminate specific negative patterns (or abundance blocks) that you may have picked up in your childhood.


The next A-fest event is taking place Thursday, May 26 – Sunday, May 29 in Mykonos, Greece.

As always, we are aiming to make this next A-fest bigger, better, and more transformational than before.

The theme of this next event will be “Bio-Hacking: Mind and Body,” (a theme which is already attracting some seriously top-level speakers), where we’ll be bringing in some of the world’s most renowned “bio-hackers.”

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About A-fest:

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